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Automatic Hand Washing Machine

Automatic hand washing machines in Kenya

Automatic hand wash machine is very useful for public place for washing hands without touching taps. Automatic hand wash dispenser contains the sensor that recognize movement of hand. During the global COVID 19 pandemic, there has been a great emphasis on safety and hygiene as the Ministry of health leads the fight against COVID with the safety and guideline measures given for businesses and organizations across the board.


The need for installation of Automatic hand washing machines has resulted to an increase in supply and demand of the machines in the market, bringing about some unscrupulous dealers in the market dealing in substandard products. However, there are many global, Chinese and Indian brands that make and sell high-end automatic hand washing machines and locally in Kenya Neema technologies has been a leading distributor and supplier of high quality Automatic hand washing that have proven reliable and efficient in the fight against the spread of the Corona Virus in the nation.

How the Automatic Hand washing machine works

Automatic hand sanitizer is a kind of automatic equipment that can turn off water and turn off water by infrared sensor. People only need to put their hands into the infrared sensor area to wash their hands.
Automatic washing machine is based on the principle of infrared reflection, when the hand on hand washing machine induction area, infrared transmitting tube infrared light emitted by hand reflection to the infrared receiver tube through the human body, will process after the signal is sent to the pulse electromagnetic valve to control the water system.

The hand wash tracker uses a passive infra red (PIR) sensor to detect the person standing in front of it. The PIR sensor is the same type of sensor that is used in automatic bath room light sensors. It is only able to detect the presence of a person, and cannot be used to identify people.

Comparison with imported ones

A wide variety of hand washing machine options are available to you, such as single tub. You can also choose from top loading. As well as from plastic such as the Automatic Wall Mount Sensor Soap Dispenser hands free wash Machine, the Touchless Hands Free Sanitizer Liquid Electric Foam Smart Spray among others. In comparison with many imported brands, Neema technologies, is very particular about the sourcing of the product and only deals with renown brands with a proven record of quality guarantee and has established distribution relation with world class manufacturers.

Neema technologies is all about creating value for the customers. Great design, great quality, competitive prices and good service. At Neema technologies, those four always go hand in hand. We are always trying our best to help customers increase sales and improve their margins. Equipped with high quality, goods services, competitive price and fast delivery.  We stand high in partner’s estimation and trust. Since founded, we have established fine business relations with clients regionally.

To enquire for more information, request for quotation or general enquiries, contact; or call: 0792880966 today.


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