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Why its beneficial to start a MILK ATM Business in KENYA

The process of vending milk through the MILK ATM MACHINE is purely automated; meaning that little or no human interference throughout the sales and delivery process to the consumer.

Milk delivery is carried out automatically, and the machine is power-efficient and practically noiseless. This construction for sale of milk is equipped with an automatic washing system, which allows to keep the unit perfectly clean.

For any seller, their entire thoughts are usually on their consumers, what their tastes and preferences are and also on the side effects of the consumption of a product under production. With the incorporation of our MILK ATM System into your business premises you can be sure that your consumers are assured of:

  • Fresh natural product with no preservatives or other additives;
  • Hygienic and environmentally friendly products;
  • Easy to use;
  • No queues;
  • The machine can be used 24 hours a day, with no days off;
  • Reasonable product price due to low operational costs and no long chain of middlemen;
  • Use of the machine excludes negative effect of the human factor on the service quality.

At Neema Technologies, our main focus is on the benefits is to bring the maximum advantages to the machine owner, therefore having the  MILK ATM brings the following Advantages to you the owner.

  • Minimal space requirements;
  • Easy to use;
  • No salespeople;
  • Low operational costs;
  • Automatic notification system for the technical condition and quantity of product;
  • Automatic control over the temperature conditions of product storage;
  • Exact accounting and control over the sales process and volume of deposited funds;
  • High mobility. If sales are low in a particular place, the milk vending machine can be easily moved to a different position, which increases its efficiency;
  • Quick recoupment of the vending machine

How to start a milk ATM side hustle business in Kenya- implementation

Now that you have taken care of the above, it’s time to start operating the business. Start by renovating the business premises to be suitable for selling the milk and any other thing you might want to add like snacks, eggs, pastry products like cakes, bread etc. You will need shelves, a counter, locker, jugs with measurements (these are useful when there’s a power outage and the ATM can’t work. Instead of staying without selling, you can revert to measuring with a jug etc).

The other thing you need to do is create awareness of the business. You can print simple business cards and flyers, with attractive colors and place them at strategic places where they can be seen by potential clients.

With time keep improving as you learn more about the business and get feedback from clients.

                                What to Look For?

When seeking to purchase a MIL ATM for newly establishing a business premise or as a means of expanding the already existing business premises, it’s essential to understand the target population you may want to serve and also the variations that the various machines in terms of the capacity in liters that your needs and those of your customers may be duly fulfilled.

At NEEMA TECHNOLOGIES, we highly consider the needs of our client and appreciate the needs that they endeavor to sort for the people around them (such mainly encompassing their clients).  We also put in consideration the hygienic needs that is mainly a key consideration that comes along with milk products.

To get a MILK ATM and start today your amazing journey in the amazing venture of  AUTOMATED MILK VENDING, contact NEEMA TECHNOLOGIES COMPANY, a manufacturer, dealer and supplier of this and many more equipment countrywide. For inquiries or making an order call +254792880966




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