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Hydration is extremely important for every living being, from birds to humans. During the summer, the scorching sun and the high temperatures, causes some severe health problems to some people, especially leading to problems such as having severe health break down like heat strokes, especially to individuals with already compromised immune systems, due to dehydration in the body.

A coin-operated drinking water vending machine can bring a huge solution to this problem, which also can be installed in every street possible across the country. Let’s check out the ultimate benefits of installing a water vending machine.

  1. Stay hydrated every day

A water ATM will allow each and every person to put a coin and enjoy purified normal and cold water in the summer to keep their body hydrated. Without proper Hydration, anyone will tend to feel sick and energy will become low with every passing hour. Hydration should be taken very seriously for every human being of the nation.

  1. Easy installation

A coin-operated drinking water vending machine will not cost huge lump sum money, and also it is extremely easy to install. One can also install them on mobile vans to circulate around a specific area, and take care of people’s health. An easy Installation makes it even easier to opt for.

  1. Affordable by all

Everyone can spend a coin for purified drinking water, which makes it extremely affordable by the large mass. Not all the people like to buy 500ml and 1ltr packaged drinking water bottle from the shops, but anyone can spare some coins and have a refreshing glass of pure water.

  1. Roam free

Not everyone likes to carry water on the road. Especially office going people, and salesperson. They already have a large bag to carry, so excess weight is avoided. And nobody can drink a liter of water in one go, so that is an extra carriage too. But with coin-operated drinking water vending machine anyone can access pure water from the point without carrying any load.

  1. Psychological benefit

There are many people who try to avoid roadside water vending machines or roadside taps. They are hygienic and not trustworthy. As they are paying some amount for the water, psychologically they think it has to be good, so they have it worry-free.

  1. Promotes good health

A coin-operated drinking water vending machine promotes good health to the gen y and the youth. It keeps on reminding them how important it is to have clean water from time to time, and also save it without any wastage with the smart vending machines.

All the benefits are at one side, and the pure relief of having a glass full of water in scorching summer is at another. This can be the ultimate benefit. Also in addition to that, below are also some of the additional benefits of setting up a water vending station

  1. it’s cost-effective and economical for both rural and urban areas.
  2. There is also a complete guarantee of safe and clean drinking water which frees people from worries of water-borne diseases.
  3. It dispenses safe and pure water 24/7 round the year. People can purchase water on the ‘pay per use’ basis as and when they want.
  4. It saves the time and efforts that people spend on travelling or standing in queues to fetch safe and pure drinking water. They don’t have to skip schools or work as water is easily made available by these ATMs.
  5. It reduces the dependence of citizens on packaged drinking water, which otherwise is an expensive option, especially for those living in rural areas.
  6. People also learn to use water prudently as they have to pay for it even though it is at a nominal cost.




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