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Benefits of Water Vending Machine


It’s cost-effective and economical for both rural and urban areas.

The concept of water vending is simple: The customer owns his own bottles and fills them at his convenience. Unlike machines with bottles, a water vending machine doesn’t need to be checked often. It doesn’t need to be restocked. Vending machine earnings vary widely based on many different variables. If you do it right, you can make profits for years to come.

Ensures a healthy Nation

There is also a complete guarantee of safe and clean drinking water which frees people from worries of water-borne diseases. Humans use water for just about everything, from growing food, to sanitation, and recreation. Water is an important and essential part of every ecosystem on the planet, and when it’s damaged or reduced, there are serious repercussions and consequences for human and animal life.

Saves Times

It saves the time and efforts that people spend on travelling or standing in queues to fetch safe and pure drinking water. People don’t have to skip schools or work as water is easily made available by these ATMs.

People Tend to save money spent on packaged water.

It reduces the dependence of citizens on packaged drinking water, which otherwise is an expensive option, especially for those living in rural areas. Bottled water generally is no cleaner, or safer, or healthier than tap water. In fact, the federal government requires far more rigorous and frequent safety testing and monitoring of municipal drinking water.

Enhances Water conservation

People also learn to use water prudently as they have to pay for it even though it is at a nominal cost. As we all know, conserving water saves energy. Energy is needed to filter, heat and pump water to your home, so reducing your water use also reduces your carbon footprint. Using less water keeps more in our ecosystems and helps to keep wetland habitats topped up for animals like otters, water voles, herons and fish.

Where to buy the best Water Vending Machines in Nairobi

Neema Technologies is a leading manufacturer of best water vending machines in Kenya. We are therefore the ideal place to buy the best water vending machines in Nairobi or anywhere else in the country. We have experienced technicians who know how to make the right machines for you.

Our products meet the highest quality standards as required and are delivered within the agreed time frame.

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