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milk vending machine

Neema Technologies has recognized the need, and we believe it will be a lucrative business. The ATM Milk Machine is empty. With the advent of Milk ATMs, milk sales have become very technologically advanced. The ATM Machine is similar to the Automated Teller Machine in that it allows customers to purchase milk through a microphone.

They bring their tins to the project, then enter the required amount, after which they pay. That’s all there is to it. This saves you and your client money on packaging.

Because milk is a basic product that people use and need every day, these dairy machines are amazing as a separate business, but also have the potential to grow into full-time businesses.

Milk is very much needed and will continue to be so. Neema Technologies has identified the need, and we believe it will be a lucrative business that translates economic growth, due to the well-known market gap, we at Neema Technologies based in Nairobi, Kenya offers small and medium-sized businesses with this milk ATMs. in your area. it’s easy.



Dairy retailers will always have a market for their products as long as there are people. Any entrepreneur can start this business and make a profit. According to figures from the Kenya Dairy Board, the machines have increased milk sales throughout Kenya, especially in the city center, where purchasing power is flowing through rural areas.

The price of packaged milk in supermarkets and shops across the country has risen to 50 shillings, and many dairy retailers can sell half a liter of unpasteurized milk for 30 kshs. With savings over 50%, most buyers prefer to buy. their milk to milk ATM drivers.

This type of business requires an active dairy market that operates daily. Most people who buy milk also need other products such as bread, eggs, sugar, etc., so your milk supply should be in or near the mall in a busy area. A supermarket, for example, can be a very nice place.

Approaching a store or micro mart with this proposal can be a good step for you as an entrepreneur because it is a place where most people shop.

Make a financial agreement with your partner. If this seems too difficult, you can always rent your store locally or elsewhere for foot traffic. You are open to business as long as the room is clean and tidy, with good ventilation and light, and with running water.

Automated Milk Machine (ATM) effectively allows the customer to buy milk at any price they have, eliminating the need to pack and drop off sellers at a daily rate. As a result, the product is very expensive, especially for low-income people.

Many consumers consider ATM milk to be safer and better than raw milk. Most people associate raw milk sold and packaged in plastic with the most common form of adultery, while a few percent consider ATM-produced milk to be mixed.


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