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Milk Dispensing ATM Machine

Milk Dispensing ATM Machine

Neema Technologies has identified a gap and we predict that it’s a worthwhile venture. The gap at hand right now is the Milk Dispensing ATM Machine. Selling milk has gone hi-tech thanks to the introduction of the Milk ATMs. The ATM Machine works like an Automated Teller Machine allowing consumers to buy milk from a mechanized nozzle.

In this activity, they bring their own canister and you key in the amount they need then they pay. It’s really that simple. This reduces packaging expenses for both you and your customers. These milk vending machines are ideal as a side business but they have great potential to become full time business opportunities considering milk is a basic commodity that people use and need on a daily basis. Demand for milk is ever present and will continue growing.

How to set up a Milk Dispensing ATM Machine Business

This kind of business requires a locality with a sizeable active market for milk every day. Consumers purchasing milk in most cases also need products like bread, eggs, sugar etc. which would mean your Milk vending machines’ location should be in or near a shopping center in a main shopping area. For instance a supermarket would really be a great site. Approaching a supermarket or a mini mart with this proposal would be a really great move for you as an entrepreneur since very many people shop in these places.

Negotiate a revenue split agreement. If this proves to be hard there is always the option to rent your own shop around that area or any other area with foot traffic. As long as the room is organized and clean with adequate ventilation and lighting and also clean running water you are open for business.

Regulatory Requirements and Licensing

Licensing and the regulatory requirements depend on the location you set up your Milk Dispensing ATM Machine business.  Kenya Dairy Board (KDB) certifies licenses and other levies including a business permit from the county government which costs approximately 10000ksh. A health certificate for your workers might also be required. At Neema Technologies we highly recommend that you pay the (KDB) a visit before you set up the milk dispensing business.


Efficient and dependable supply of quality milk will be a great determinant to the success of your milk dispensing business. Be on the lookout for con people or people supplying low quality milk. Identify local dairy farmers who can be your daily milk suppliers and at a good price. The Kenya Dairy Board also insists that the milk dispensed using these machines be pasteurized before you make sales to consumer therefore see to it that you pasteurize your milk or get pasteurized milk.


Customer service is key to business’ success. Consumers keep coming back to your shop when you offer good customer service. Maintain high standards of hygiene in your shop as well the dispensing machine to avoid contaminated milk. Also make sure your machine is well maintained to avoid breakdowns during sales services.

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