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Category: Water Vending Machines

Factors to consider when starting a water vending business in Kenya

How lucrative is a water vending business in Kenya? The high demand for clean drink, household and commercial use water presents a opportunity for profitability in the business, What are the requirements of water packaging and vending in Kenya? Business operation license and health and…...
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Pure fresh water vending machine in Kenya

The popularity for clean water both for homegrown and business (modern) purposes all over the planet has been a critical driving component for new advancements expected to meet the always expanding water interest. With a quickly developing populace in Africa and irregular provincial metropolitan relocation,…...
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Affordable Water vending machines for sale in Kenya

The high demand for clean water both for domestic and commercial (industrial) purposes around the world has been a key driving factor for new innovations required to meet the ever increasing water demand. With a fast growing population in Africa and sporadic rural urban migration,…...
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Having capital but without having a reliable source for the most vital equipment to start and run your business may turn out to be hectic and tiring. At the end of this article, you will come to a major conclusion that NEEMA TECHNOLGIES as the…...
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  [caption id="attachment_757" align="alignnone" width="300"] WAYER VENDING STATION[/caption] The concept of the water vending machine has now fully come to life. It’s a high time that you may adopt this system because it’s one of the most emerging business trends and can help you reap…...
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Hydration is extremely important for every living being, from birds to humans. During the summer, the scorching sun and the high temperatures, causes some severe health problems to some people, especially leading to problems such as having severe health break down like heat strokes, especially…...
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Water vending machines in Kenya

The basic objective of the water vending machine also known as the water ATM is to provide safe and clean drinking water. The Water Vending Machine may be a coin-operated or non-coin operated water machine that can be installed at any Public or private place…...
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Starting a water vending ATM business in Kenya,2021

The demand for clean drinking and consumption water for both domestic and commercial concerns has risen rapidly owing partially to the increase in the number of households that are particulary concerned about the global covid pandemic. For business operators in the water selling sector, the…...
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Water purification machine cost in Kenya

The fast growing demand for clean water and the renewed focus on community health and hygiene, local and global manufacturers of water purification systems such as Neema Technologies, a leading supplier of water purifications systems in Kenya is addressing the gap in the water purification…...
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