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Factors to consider when starting a water vending business in Kenya

  1. How lucrative is a water vending business in Kenya?
    1. The high demand for clean drink, household and commercial use water presents a opportunity for profitability in the business,
  2. What are the requirements of water packaging and vending in Kenya?
    1. Business operation license and health and safety license are compulsory.
  3. What are the best water vending machines brands available in Kenya?
    1. There are a variety of high quality water vending machines offered by reliable machines supplier Neema technologies (visit website for product catalogue)
  4. Which is the most reliable high quality vending machine supplier or dealer in Kenya?
    1. Locally made and imported water vending machines both offer high quality efficiency and profitable returns for proprietors in water retail business.
  5. What is the demand level for household and commercial water needs in the average urban settlements in Kenya?
    1. There is a high level of demand from the increased populations in most urban and rural settles that presents a highly justifiable opportunity for water vending business.
  6. Does a water vending machine need special skills for installation and operation?
    1. Water vending machine use is simplified in design and usability to allow for use without the requirement of an technical knowledge or skills.
  7. What options are available in terms of the capacity or volume the water vending machine can carry or hold?
    1. Water vending machines come in various capacities from 20 littles, 50 litres, 100 liters and more
  8. Are there water vending machines with varying specifications of water vending machine operation, design and build?
    1. The design and specifications of the machines vary based on the manufacturer.
  9. Does Neema technologies offer warranty on water vending machine product?
    1. Neema technology offers a 12 month warranty on all the water vending machine products


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