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Five steps to start a milk ATM business in Kenya, 2021

The prospect of securing an opportunity for extra revenue stream and expand your business is always a welcome idea for business operators or prospective entrepreneurs. With successful proven business models, milk retailers in Kenya have continued to expand their businesses, thanks to the new found convenience & efficiency of new milk vending technology in the form of Milk ATMS that have gained fast popularity across Kenya.

The common challenges facing business operators or new entrepreneurs seeking to  venture into new market opportunities such as access to adequate capital or latest technology have been surmounted by new methods of raising capital such as the popular chama or group borrowing to aid in the goal of setting up new business and acquiring new technology such as the Milk Vending machine in Kenya.

For starters, the most critical consideration in setting up a milk ATM business in Kenya entails the following outlined;

Step 1. Opportunity justification and careful research into the existing demand and supply dynamics in the intended area of business.  This critical step helps screen intended business environment in terms of market size and pre-existing challenges or opportunities in setting up the milk ATM business.

Step 2. After ascertaining the existence of a sizeable market for the milk in the area,  the next step entails evaluation of the capital needed to secure a favorable business location for the milk ATM business, preferable a play with high human traffic or a busy location that customers frequent or pass through. Growing urban settlements, estates and towns have proven to be perfect locations as the general local households provide an excellent market for the milk and overtime offering a regular customer flow for the milk ATM business.

Steps 3. The regulations and licensing adherence needed to operate the Milk ATM business in Kenya also should be a key consideration because agencies such as the health department gives clear guidelines on the operation of food and related products sales. It’s key however, to realize that the regulation are not restrictive but are also an enabling factor in the dairy sector.

Step 4. With an assessment of the licensing needs already completed, it’s important to source for a milk wholesale provider or direct from the farmers depending on the area of business. A reliable milk supplier is central to the success of the milk retail business and therefore, having one or two suppliers ready to supply the milk enables the proprietor have uninterrupted flow of business.

Step 5. Another most critical element is the milk vending machine and getting a trusted dealer selling high quality milk vending ATM machines in Kenya. The Milk ATM machine experts at Neema technologies provide the required installation, maintenance and after sale consultation to guaranteed uninterrupted flow of their clients business countrywide with a highly qualified team of engineers and experts.

To purchase or learn more about the Milk ATM buying options and aftersale services, get in touch with Neema Technologies a top supplier firm dealing in Milk ATMs and coolers country wide; call – 0792880966 or today.

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