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Frequently Asked Questions when starting a Milk ATM business in Kenya


  1. What is the best location for a cooking oil atm business?
    1. The most favorable location for a salad Atm business is a high traffic and relatively high population settlement area.
  2. How can one start and operate a profitable cooking oil atm business?
    1. Adequate research and justification of opportunity is key for a proprietor, favourable location and cooking oil sourcing and machine purchase decision then follows before starting up and finally installation and set up of a cooking oil atm business
  3. How much start up capital is needed to purchase a machine and start cooking oil retail business?
    1. A fair and realistic budget for start up ranges between ksh 60,000 and 120,000
  4. What health and safety guidelines are required to operate a cooking oil atm business in Kenya?
    1. A health and safety license issue by the local health department is required.
  5. What are the daily or weekly profit margins of a cooking oil retail business?
    1. The profile and revenue margin vary from business to business but generally the business attracts margins of over 25% margins on oil batch for retailers.
  6. Does Cooking oil ATMS require regular maintenance?
    1. Cooking oil machines do not necessarily require daily maintenance but as a rule of thumb, weekly and monthly maintenance is advised.
  7. What is the best brand and dealer of cooking oil ATM machines in Kenya?
    1. Neema technologies offers a variety of Cooking oil atm machines locally made and imported based on customer preferences for various specification at competitive prices
  8. What are the requirements and licenses needed in operating a cooking oil ATM in Kenya?
    1. There are no special requirements but a business permit, a safety , heath and regulation license is required to operate


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