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A Milk atm is a machine that automates the process of dispensing milk during the sales process to customers.
Therefore, the milk atm comes in handy for all dairy sellers when want to ease the process they take to serve their clients as the consumers themselves serve themselves.

The moment you come into contact with NEEMA TECHNOLOGIES in order for you to purchase the MILK ATM or any other kind of equipment from the many of them that we have, one thing that you will be assured of is the amazing affordable prices that are tagged along with the highest quality of equipment’s. This is done with a kind hearted consideration of all groups of customers, to also give all a chance to venture into this lucrative and growing venture.
But before you come into the understanding of the entire cost of a milk vending machine, you need to first understand what is the machine made up of. Therefore, below is brief description of the Milk ATM

Fabricated with fridge-This means that the MILK ATM is made up material that is used in fabrication of refrigerators. This ensures that the machine last longer, its durability is assured and also the aesthetic outlook of the machine is assured.
Food grade 304 tanks that makes it hygienic and durable. 304 grade stainless steel is so popular in the food industry because of its resistance to oxidization and corrosion.
Has digital control panel. A digital control system is a control system that processes signals coming from sensors by means of a computer. The analogue signal (continuous in value and time) has to be sampled and take discrete values at given time intervals. This process is known as signal digitalization
• Cost effective, made in Kenya. With the newest trend of, buy Kenya, build Kenya, NEEMA TECHNOLOGIES boasts of locally producing the MILK ATM right here in the country and locally sourcing all its raw materials required in the processing of the machines. This is done to also boost the other sectors of the economy.
• Records daily sales protected by a user
• It is password protected. This ensures of the improved security for your stocks and sales values.
• The milk ATM comes in varying capacities in order to properly suit your budget. It ranges from 50 liters to 250 liters depending on the amount of money you have and also on the milk dairy demand on your business.
Therefore, having that in mind and in consideration, our prices for the Milk ATM ranges in terms of the holding capacities of the various machines as indicated below;

Capacity Price | Kes
1. 50 l – 75,000
2. 80 l – 85,000
3. 100 l – 95,000
4. 150 l – 130,000
5. 200 l – 170,000

At NEEMA TECHNOLOGIES, WE BELIEVE IN QUALITY, AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. To get One of Our MILK ATM and start today your amazing journey in this lucrative venture, contact NEEMA TECHNOLOGIES COMPANY, a manufacturer, dealer, and supplier of this and much more equipment countrywide. For inquiries or making an order call +254792880966

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