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How Salad ATMS are making profitable business for retailers in Kenya

The new opportunities for making profitable business are always welcome for Kenyans especially during the global pandemic season that have shrunk the national economy and hit various households impacting negatively their financial standing. However, with the introduction and fast adoption of the new way to purchase cooking oil for various households in the quantities best preferred depending on what the customer affords has made it popular in urban centres.

Salad ATMS are the new cash cows

In common urban settings often new populous towns, the opportunity to set up a salad ATM machine alongside an already existing business has presented itself for consideration to many businessmen and convenience store operators. The salad ATMs are now some of the new cash cows for the traders, with ease of installation and operation. The purchased decision for most traders has been made easier with the options to buy being improved by local manufacturers and dealers of the machines presenting more options in terms of machine variations available in the market.

Small retail business operators in Nairobi for instance have adopted the Salad ATMs and incorporated it into the business to afford their customers the convenience in shopping for the cooking oil. So far there has not been any reservations or resistance against the use of the salad ATMs as it is a win- win for both traders and buyers. With new technology however, there is always a bit of disruption which might necessitate a change in how the big oil manufacturing companies such as Kapa oil among others deliver their products but nonetheless the small retailers stand to benefit the most as they are in direct contact with the consumers.

With the earlier mentioned increase in the number of local manufacturers and salad ATM dealers, the prices of the machines are more likely to come down but as in any other business the earlier adopters stand to make the most gains as their Salad ATM businesses will have attracted more customers from the start. With the ease in setting up the Salad ATM business more entrants in the market are expected to shake things up a little bit and the benefits to the consumers remains to be better access and convenience while the traders have been able to deliver with much ease and reap more benefits especially in urban centers and areas with high consumer traffic.

The retail market segment for cooking oil is growing

The retail market segment for cooking oil has continued to expand owing to the ease of acquisition of the Salad ATMs as many households have shifted from the conventional cooking fat for health concerns associated with high chorestral in the cooking fat to now using cooking salad oil that has been proven to be chorestral free and better in home cooking use therefore driving a higher demand for cooking salad and creating profitable business for retailers now adopting the use of Salad ATMS in Kenya.

For more information and to purchase the Salad ATM machine in Kenya, Neema Technologies is a seasoned Salad ATM machines dealer, supplying high quality machines countrywide to a wide range of customers. To get in touch, contact through email: info@neematechnologies.coke or call 0792880966 to request for a quote today

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