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How to make profitable Milk ATM business in Kenya

Innovations in product delivery have been embraced in various sectors and  Kenyans being  some of the fastest technology and innovation adopters in Africa have embraced the Milk dispensers technology. The milk dispenser, commonly called Milk ATM Machine is the main machine required for this business. They are refrigerated to preserve milk and can dispense any denomination of milk in 100ml units.

At approximately 110 litres per capita, Kenya’s milk consumption is five times higher than the average of other sub-Saharan African countries. This pattern is expected to grow, as the per capita consumption of milk and dairy products is projected to double by the year 2030, fuelled by urbanization, rising income levels and changing dietary patterns.

Many Kenyans have turned their attention to Milk dispensers as a plausible business area of interest with a keen interest on the knowledge to understand better the merits and the potential in the dairy sector in Kenya especially in the global covid 19 pandemic times where many people are actively searching for opportunities to make extra income.

In the matter of safety concern with the Milk dispensers research has shown that while consumers perceive raw milk in plastic containers as less safe than pasteurized ATM and packaged milk, this study established that ATM milk is just as safe as well handled raw and packaged milk.

Milk sold through ATMs is priced differently across the geographical regions, with price ranging between KES 50 and KES 80 and a mean of KES 63.4 per litre (Table 6 and Table 7). Milk pricing differed significantly across the counties. In Machakos County, ATM milk was priced the highest (KES 70.6). This could be because most of the milk sold within the county is produced and processed outside the county, as reflected by a high purchase price of KES 57 per litre from the supplier and the longer distances (210 driving minutes) to ATM milk suppliers.

For starters the machine dubbed Any Time Milk (ATM) machine allows customers to get milk for as low as ten shillings with a litre costing Sh60. This gives customers the leverage to manage their budgets. On the sellers side, the milk dispenser allows to seller to retail small and bulk amounts of milk offering the customers convenience and attracting more business especially in high traffic areas such as urban centers and estates. The machine is the best recourse for traders affected by the ban on hawking of raw milk because it meets the health requirements.

The capital required to set up Milk ATM business is relatively lower compared to start up capital for other businesses and also lower in risk. With a stand alone business or mixed retail one requires less that ksh 150,000 for machine where most traders opt to incorporate the business into an already existing one. Considering that the ATM milk sector is growing, an investment in the Milk ATM business is a wise decision for new and already existing business operators.

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