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How to start and operate milk ATM business in Kenya

Many serial entrepreneurs and business operators in Kenya have resolved to invest in the dairy business in Kenya from the promising returns that guarantee a great return on investment in the sector. For new business operators considering to start and operate a Milk retailing business in Kenya, it is worth note that the current available milk retailing technology has continued to improve therefore, making the milk retail business even a more viable option as attractive business to operate.

Milk ATMS are gradually becoming a common feature in many retail outlets such as supermarkets and even small and medium retail outlets around urban and rural settings in Kenya. With the new technology , anyone with a goal to start or expand business should make these few but critical considerations before starting a milk retail business in Kenya outlined below;

Justification of opportunity – this initial and most critical stage enables the entrepreneur to assess and ascertain the existence of the need for the supply of milk and also determine the scale of this need in the immediate market or somewhere else where the business person intends to operate the milk retailing business. The stage also involves the determination of the perfect business location, often a good area of high settlement and with regular or steady traffic is considered great for setting up a Milk retailing business.

Often for business operators with already existing businesses that would like to expand into the milk retailing business, it is much easier as they already have the business location and facilities to operate the milk retailing business using the Milk ATM machine that guarantees easier handling of the milk and better convenience for both the business operator and the milk buyer who is able to buy only the quantity he or she would like often starting for as low as ksh 20/-

Sourcing for Milk suppliers – After the initial step of establishing the existence of the need or rather the demand of the milk in the intended area of milk business operation, the business person makes the next step of sourcing for milk suppliers who will supply him with the milk to retail in the intended area of business and also determined the cost involved and the quantity

Consideration for storage & distribution options – For new business ventures, it is imperative that the prospective business operator has a better understanding of the storage and distribution options and the Milk ATM machines have proven a great solution for storage and point of sale solution for small and medium milk business operators with milk being a high perishable product that requires high level handling.

Sourcing for suitable Milk ATM dealer – There are currently many options such as use importing Milk ATM machines or buying locally with the latter being advised as it takes lesser time to buy locally.

Milk ATM Purchase decision – The decision to buy is often informed by the price and the quality and other aspects such as service guaranteed with Milk ATM often not requiring complicated installation and maintenance procedures.

For more information and to purchase the Milk ATM machine in Kenya, Neema Technologies is a certified milk ATM machines dealer, supplying the machines countrywide to a wide range of clients. To get in touch, contact or call 0792880966 today.



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