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The Benefits of a kerosene vending machine


Paraffin is widely used to power stoves and lamps in Kenyan slums, cities, and homes. According to 2019 figures, the total amount of paraffin used is 2198.7metric tons. About 70% of Kenyans rely on kerosene for lighting, according to a report by Pooling Apart or Pooling Together of the Society for International Development (SID) and the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), which indicates that kerosene lamps make the most of it. of the lighting systems used in the country. The metal lamps used by 38% of Kenyans are followed, followed by lights (30%) and electricity (23%). The rest depends on wood (4%), solar (2%), gas, and pressure lamps (1%). According to the above statistics, there is an opportunity for the paraffin machinery market.
Opportunity for a Paraffin Machine

With regard to the dangers of handling paraffin, for example, poisoning can occur when paraffin inhales while in use (desire), It irritates the eyes and skin. Respiratory irritability may be caused by cravings. Exposure to harmful or chronic paraffin can cause irritability, restlessness, ataxia, drowsiness, tremors, thirst, and death. Dermatitis is a very common health risk associated with chronic paraffin exposure.

This paraffin machine does not need any staff, so there are no additional salaries to be paid. It also means that you will not have to pay any additional fees related to hiring staff. Then you should consider getting one for us. Despite the fact that it can work 24 hours a day, it uses only a small amount of energy. All in all, this is equivalent to the cheap operating costs of your company.

The vending machine requires little or no maintenance after installation. Especially if you choose a ‘functional’ type of sales that ensures that your shelves are backed up by top sellers. Payment methods such as touch-free payment and Apple pay are becoming simpler, making it much easier to grab snacks when traveling. When you use our well-designed machine, the task of filling and maintaining your machine is comfortable. You can be sure that it is designed and managed by talented staff who understand that certain people in your program really want you.

The function of the paraffin trading machines is very consistent. If you combine this with their small overhead, you may find that our vending machine is a profitable source of revenue. You should also consider the cost benefits of not caring for the company or providing these services yourself.

We at Neema Technologies are committed to creating and equipping you with this service to help you manage your business easily and effectively, and make a big profit.

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