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Kerosene Pump safety & ease of maintenance in Kenya

Kerosene consumption in local households in the urban and rural settings have necessitated the setting up on convenient sales point by Kerosene retailers across the country.

Kerosene is mainly used in informal settlements in the urban areas and rural parts of Kenya to power cookstoves and lanterns. The market niche in rural and urban set ups have attracted interest for new business owners to incorporate the Kerosene retailing business alongside already existing businesses or the establishment of a single business dedicated solely to the trade.

For general safety, the following precautions are recommended for business owners considering establishing a Kerosene ATM:

  • Ensure your fuel outlet is not near a public institution
  • Ensure you have fire extinguishers in place
  • Ensure your infrastructure is well constructed in a way that doesn’t pose danger to the public

The matter of safety and regulations for installation of Kerosene pumps have is critical and as well as the safety features on the particular pumps used by dealers.

The range of fuel dispensing pumps Neema technologies offer have their frames and panels constructed from stainless steel, offering full protection from there environment which provides a long lasting life in the harshest of conditions. We offer various options with fuel transfer pump flow rates up to 180 LPM, options for integrated fuel management systems: Retail & Commercial Fuel Pumps.


Some of the features on the pumps to ensure high levels of safety of the kerosene retail pump unit includes;

  • Stainless steel construction.
  • LCD display with LED back light.
  • Suitable for pumping Diesel, Gas Oil, Adblue & Bio Diesel up to B30.
  • Available as mono or twin fuel pump
  • High accuracy 4 piston meter +/- 0.25%.
  • Heavy duty fuel pump unit with air separator.
  • Integral pulse transmitter 10:1 or 100:1 for connection to FMS.
  • ZVA automatic nozzle.
  • 4M steel braided hose with safety breakaway coupling


The pricing of Kerosene pumps in Kenya is dependent on the dealer and manufacturers brand but generally the price ranges  with variations linked to the delivery cost across the country for different clients. The cost of maintenance and regular servicing of the Kerosene ATM is also reasonable as the Kerosene ATM doesn’t need day to day maintenance unless there are technical problems that need to be addressed by the dealer in regards to the functionality of the system.

Neema technologies offers customers a complete range of fuel dispensers and pumps, retail automation systems, payment terminals, media devices, replacement parts and upgrade kits, and a full range of support services. For more information and to purchase the Kerosene ATM machines contact Neema Technogies company that supplies quality Kerosene ATMs countrywide for enquiries or to make an order call: +254792880966 or Email: today

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