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Milk ATM

Why Milk ATM machines are gaining popularity in Kenya.

Over the last few years, the popularity of Milk ATM machines has risen fast among the consumers and milk traders for a variety of reasons, among them convenience and quality of service delivery of the Milk ATM machines. The machines essentially allow for better convenience and hygiene with the machine allowing consumers to buy milk from a mechanized nozzle. In cities such as Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and other cosmopolitan towns, small and medium businesses have quickly adopted the use of Milk ATM to better serve their customer in areas with often larger populations and where time of service is of the essence.

The most common manufacturers and exporters of quality Milk ATM machines include India and China among other nations but Kenyans have also contributed to the growing demand of the machines and technology and therefore, also contributing to the growth in the Milk ATM business regionally.

Starting a Milk ATM business is much easier now for small and medium business operators.

With the ease of financing from various funding agencies, more small and business owners are now finding it easier to set up and start  a Milk ATM business with reliable suppliers such as Neema Technologies company based in Nairobi that supplies small and medium businesses with Milk ATM machines. After enough research on the feasibility of location and cost of the business, most milk traders have found it prudent dealing with reliable milk suppliers either directly from the farm or other sources to ensure reliable and dependable supply of milk through their Milk ATM business which is often integrated with other businesses proving fast consumer goods in a high traffic area with a sizeable market for milk and other household consumer goods.

Milk ATM machine price in Kenya

The prices of Milk ATM machines are often dependent on the size and capacity of the machines with 100 litre  capacity being popular for most starters while 300 litres is popular from medium and large businesses with the price ranging between Ksh 80,000 and Ksh 250,000 depending of the capacity. Hotels, restaurants, Kiosks and other businesses are now able to make more profits through their investment and installation of the Milk ATM Machines in safe areas of their business premises.

Comparative prices are offered by different competing manufacturers and therefore, a good research into the supplier is key in the market and an evaluation of other auxiliary services such as delivery and installation in different parts of the country. For entrepreneurs that are looking to expand their sales and attract more profits in their business, Neema Technlogies has proven the capacity in dealing high quality Milk ATM for customers across the country.

Dairy board approvals and regulation of the Milk ATM in Kenya

The approvals of the Kenya Dairy board through the county governments is an elaborate and simple process and business owners can obtain the license to enable them operate with ease under the regulations, meant to guarantee quality service and trade practices in the Dairy Industry in Kenya.

The opportunity to get started in the business of selling milk with the Milk ATM vendor machine offers more business growth prospects and with the right experts in the business the process is much easier for more entrepreneurs. To find out more and get started contact Neema Technologies 0792880966 Email:

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