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Reasons to Buy an ultrafiltration system

Why acquire a domestic water purifier

The need for a water purifier system stems from the critical need to assure water safety for consumers in organizations, businesses and household settings to ease the water purification process for both small and large volumes of water for human consumption.

What contaminants does an ultrafiltration system filter out?

An ultrafiltration system will get rid of any suspended particulate larger than 0.025 microns. That means it can filter out inorganic solids, viruses, and bacteria because of their size. What an ultrafiltration system can’t do is pull out dissolved minerals like a reverse osmosis system can. So, it’s really great at filtering anything that’s a solid, but not as good at removing dissolved solids.



  • Readily available safe to drink, washing utensils and foodstuff water for any household.
  • Gives you peace of mind knowing that your family will always have safe to drink water because it’s within your control. The filtration and purification system removes heavy metals, harmful organic material and excess chlorine especially if the source is council water.
  • Very affordable and way cheaper than some alternatives with low cost of running and maintaining the unit.
  • Short period return on investment compared to relying on buying bottled water.
  • Availability of spares and accessories locally.

How do you install an ultrafiltration system?

Ultrafiltration systems are simple to install. This product simply hooks up to a line in the system so that water flows through the filters and the ultrafiltration membrane. Then, the out-line goes to a faucet. A dedicated faucet is typically best to provide the water from the ultrafiltration system, but it is still simple to install.

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