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Salad ATM

Cooking Oil ATMs in Kenya the modern way to make money

Cooking oil / salad oil dispensing machines are efficient in shops and convenience stores across various shopping centers in cities and the country side and have attracted more business for startups and established businesses guaranteeing more flexibility and convenience for consumers. The modern and digital way of commercial salad oil dispensing is hygienic, easy to control and manage.The vending machines have a PLC which performs all the technical functions which include resseting the machines password, resetting the prices, checking daily and weekly sales and processing the sales per customer purchase.

Starting a cooking oil ATM business in Kenya

After research in the market, most traders have quantified the benefits and since it doesn’t required complicated processes or lots license requirements, shop owners have integrated this new modern may of selling cooking oil into their business and have started leaping the benefits of more sales and greater convenience.

Finding a great location for new startup where the consumer traffic is higher is Kenya and also working with a reliable manufacturing or salad ATM supplier is also very important for any business operator hoping to set up the cooking Oil ATM business in Kenya. Neema Technologies has been a reliable supplier of Cooking Oil ATMs across the country for over 2years and has helped small businesses get the process right and leap the benefits of the modern way of commercial vending of Salad oil.

Sourcing Quality oil

One of the common mistakes by small business with the intent of running successful business with the use of Cooking Oil ATMs in Kenya is skipping the critical step of finding the right cooking oil supplier. However, it is important to note that with the expanding of the cooking oil sector in Kenya, there are now more options for businesses to pick from, most of whom have proven reliable in the manufacture and distribution of oil to other businesses and commercial vendors in the country.

With Kenya being a regional industrial hub, manufacturing companies such as Bidco oil have been popular with many Kenyan users providing more options of Salad Oil vending businesses in sourcing their cooking oil for retail at the salad oil ATM shops.

What is the cost of a cooking oil ATM

The prices of a cooking oil ATM vary depending on the capacity and manufacturers product specification but generally prices range from ksh 90,000 to Ksh 300,000 based on other factors. For most of the quality vending machine manufacturers the associated cost of maintaining the machines is minimal as the machines do not require daily maintenance.

With the fast growing popularity of the modern commercial cooking oil vending machines, business is expected to boom with business operators leaping the full benefits of the technology and vending convenience, not forgetting more profits by the purchasing and installing the machines at various preferred business premises for best returns.

To purchase or learn more about the buying options and aftersale services, get in touch with Neema Technologies a top supplier firm dealing in Cooking Oil ATMs country wide; call – 0792880966 or email : today.

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