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NEEMA TECHNOLLOGIES is a leading expert in making and consultancy when it comes to making of the highest quality cooking oil ATMs and also installation. If you are interested in this venture of starting this lucrative business of selling salad oil, which has been on the rise in the recent months, all you need is a Cooking Oil ATM also called salad oil ATM. A salad oil ATM will really help you succeed in this business. And for that reason, you must go for a top-quality machine.

Therefore, when it comes to making this critical decision of purchasing a Salad ATM, you have to make double tier decisions; meaning you have to make decisions from both your end, the factors that are around your business environment and also based on the quality and the standards of the machines from your intended supplier or seller.

Why buy cooking oil ATM from us?

When you have finally made the decision to buy the Salad Oil ATM from, you can be completely sure of your assurance for the following irreducible qualities from our side:

  1. High quality– one thing you can be assured of from the NEEMA TECHNOLOGIES, and especially with regard to The Salad Oil ATM is on Quality Assurance.

The Salad Oil ATM is certified by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics and comes with The Diamond Mark of Quality Which assures you of you that is satisfied by the Regulator to the required levels of quality.

  1. Affordable prices – affordability helps you to save on your startup costs which is usually one of the most critical part of starting up a Business. Our Salad Oil ATM comes at the most affordable pricing without compromising on the quality. This gives you a double advantage; you save on cost and at the same time get a high-quality product.
  2. Timely delivery– because as NEEMA TECHOLOGIES we keep our customers as the number one priority, therefore we ensure that we have finished your product within the agreed time frame and duly deliver it to you, that you in a short time frame start your operations in a short as possible with your newly acquired machine.
  3. After sales services– we believe that the emphasis we place on customer service and technical support helps distinguish NEEMA TECHOLOGIES. We offer a guaranteed warranty on the Salad Oil ATM, also coming along is maintenance and afterwards we discount you on maintenance.
  4. Delivery and installation-NEEMA TECHNOLOGIES, believes customer satisfaction is the basis of building business empire. Our assurance to you is that we will deliver the Salad Oil ATM in person basis through our sales contact person(s), this also is tagged along with an offer for free installation and further to the addition of the necessary free training on the basic maintenance of the equipment and also on the basic operations of the equipment. This is set to ensure effortless adoption on the proper running of the equipment.
  5. Reduction of wastages- our Salad Oil ATM is fitted with a super-efficient valve that is used in dispensing of the Salad Oil to the customers container no matter the shape and the size of the container. This is usually very effective in the reduction of wastages as a result of Oil spillages.
  6. Coin operator machine- the Salad Oil ATM has got one the most important integration of a coin accepting input that enables all you customers to be able to use coins for up to 10 shillings meaning, that this gives you a chance to reach all the types of you customers depending on their purchasing power and consumption demand.


To get a Salad Oil ATM and start today your amazing journey in this lucrative venture of Salad Oil vending, contact NEEMA TECHNOLOGIES COMPANY, a manufacturer, dealer, and supplier of this and much more equipment countrywide. For inquiries or making an order call +254792880966


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