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Starting a successful Milk ATM Business in Kenya


The possibilities of making a successful business and leap profits in the dairy industry in Kenya is now a reality with the fast growing technology and innovation in the sector.

Whether you are a starter or an already existing business owner, the growing demand for milk and milk products create a viable business opportunity for investment in the technology of the Milk ATM.

Market research and evaluation of opportunity

The very critical and first step for entrepreneurs is to engage in gathering information through a well-coordinated market research to ascertain the demand and supply as well as local pricing and the niche existing in the market for milk in the intended area where the business is to be established.

In most urban set ups there is a growing need for convenience and well-priced milk for consumers therefore, presenting a great opportunity for profitable business for starters as well as already established business owners looking to expand in the area of milk business.

Finding a reliable milk source or supplier for your Milk ATM business

After conducting market research regarding the milk selling business using the milk ATM, the next step after identifying there’s market for your milk is establishing where you will be getting the milk from. There are suppliers of milk from different parts of the country you can approach to be supplying you with the milk. For example there are dairy farmers cooperatives who correct milk from their farmers and sell on their behalf. It is important to make sure that the suppliers are not far from where you are located or that they have means of supplying.

It is preferable for business to deal with milk suppliers that deliver the milk to the business as it is more cost effective. There are suppliers who supply in Nairobi from different parts of the Nairobi outskirts. These suppliers have their own vehicles and since they have many clients, it’s economical for them to transport the milk to venders.

There are also some milk companies that also sell unpacked milk in jerrycans that you can approach. They do this because they don’t have a big market share for their branded milk. Therefore, so as to expand their sales channels and be able to sell all the milk they have, they usually sell to milk ATM vendors. The important task is to identify a reliable supplier so that you are able to serve your clients always.

Ascertaining the best supplier or dealer of Milk ATM Machines in Kenya

In Kenya, the matter of importing or buying locally made Milk ATMs is a big dilemma though the matter of machine pricing and quality is the primary concern for the business. Locally made or assembled machines have been proven to be just as efficient as machines imported form countries such as India, China and Europe. Some of the reliable dealers in the country includes Neema Technologies, a company dealing in Milk ATMs and other vending technologies across East Africa.

In conclusion, the Milk ATM is relatively easier procedure wise to set up and maintain, it also takes up smaller space to set up and therefore, could be started just beside your shop to cut cost on a new business premise. Business partners can also come together in partnership and open one then another and keep generating money.. It’s definitely a business worth consideration and from the information I believe the details are effective in aiding decision making for entrepreneurs.


To get the Milk ATM machine and reap the benefits in the growing market, contact Neema Technogies company that supplies high standard Milk ATM machines countrywide for enquiries or to make an order call: +254792880966 or Email: today.

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