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The Cost of Milk ATM machines in Kenya

The market demand for Milk ATMS has gone up in Kenya owing to the many accrued benefits to business operators such as easier monitoring, better product handling and more effective selling giving better convenience to customers. The prices of the milk ATM machines have relatively held steady in the market mainly because of the entry of more manufacturers and dealers to fill in the demand gap.

With a very fast growing popularity among Kenyans, the Milk ATMs have become a preferred choice at convenience stores and the local Dukas where the consumers can purchase the amount of Milk equivalent to the amount of money at their disposal for even as low as Ksh 20/- unlike the traditional retail method where fixed retail prices are set by the sellers denying the consumer flexibility in purchase of the milk. The dairy industry in Kenya has also expanded considerably with more farmers creating more selling points for the milk in major cities and towns such as Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru among others.

Milk ATM business presents a complete business opportunity, the machines are easy to use and a great way to maximize your income. The self-service machines have various contactless payment options. The milk dispenser combines the cooling system, milk tanks, agitator, control system and chilled filling compartment in one compact unit. The milk dispenser is customer friendly, and uncomplicated to operate. The milk dispenser range can have the option for multiple tank.

There are various determinants influencing the cost of Milk ATM machines in Kenya. Whether the machines are locally manufactured or imported determined the price and also the machine specifications given by the various vending machine dealers. For business owners looking to buy and set up a Milk ATM machine business, a top quality milk ATM machine from Neema Technologies will start from Ksh 85,000. The price is mostly determined by the capacity of the machine.

The maintenance procedures for the Milk ATM are sometimes of the major concerns for the buyers in making the purchase decision. Various types of components with the Milk ATM machine equipment ranging from surface coolers, immersion coolers, ice-bank and direct expansion refrigeration systems are in use throughout the dairy industry. Whereas it is beyond the scope of this guide to go into detailed description of maintenance systems of each type of cooling system, it suffices to mention here that manufacturer instructions on service ice and scheduled repairs should be followed very strictly. Special attention should be paid to lubrication of compressors and detection and timely repair of refrigerant gas leakages.

The Milk ATM machine experts at Neema technologies provide the required installation, maintenance and after sale consultation to guaranteed uninterrupted flow of their clients business countrywide with a highly qualified team of engineers and experts.

To purchase or learn more about the Milk ATM buying options and aftersale services, get in touch with Neema Technologies a top supplier firm dealing in Milk ATMs and coolers country wide; call – 0792880966 or email : today.

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