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The cost of modern Kerosene ATM for Kerosene retail business in Kenya.

The cost of modern Kerosene ATM for Kerosene retail business in Kenya.

The Cost of modern dispensing pump is Ksh150,000 or thereabout. It’s not a must you start with high capacity pumps as the cost also goes higher with capacity and manufacturer specifications. If you are looking for a business idea that you can start with Ksh50,000 and look forward to about Ksh2,000 profit per day then this is something worth looking into. Remember, before you start it is advisable to do a feasibility study to enable gather the rightful information for efficient decision making, its also imperative to get the right modern Kerosene ATM  machine from trusted suppliers who guarantee quality and after sale services such as Neema Technologies which is a leading supplier of Kerosene ATMs across the country.

Managing a kerosene ATM

Starting a small kerosene supply shop where you can sell this commodity in small quantities is a viable idea that never disappoints business operators. With over 60% of Kenyans directly relying on kerosene for power it turns out that this is a potential launching pad for futuristic entrepreneurs who would like to venture into the lucrative oil distribution business. We discuss what you need to do in order to get started.

The machine dispenses kerosene from kshs 10 upwards easily and accurately with a brand new with a nozzle for easy fuel delivery and an inbult PLC which performs all the technical functions of the machine.


This water ATM vending machines can be purchased at Neema Technologies whose offices are based in Ruiru. Neema Technologies offers cost effective, high quality and durable kerosene atm machines in Kenya.

We design and manufacture automated Self-Serve kerosene atm machine that dispenses clean reverse-osmosis (RO) filtered, chilled drinking water at a very affordable cost. We are the one of first and the best manufacturer for kerosene atm machines in the Kenyan market and the leader in kerosene atm Machine business startups. We design our machine to be low maintenance allowing for higher profits to you. We customize each of our machines to your specific water type and chemical composition.

For enquiries or to make an order call: +254792880966 or Email: today.

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