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Tips for successful cooking and salad oil ATM business in Kenya

Cooking oil has a high demand and a high added value, which makes it a suitable product for small-scale processing operations. The high added value means that a relatively small amount of oil can be produced to earn a reasonable income.

The establishment of a small-scale cooking oil business requires very careful consideration, as there are several important factors to take into account, some of which may limit its viability according to Neema Technologies, a Kenyan company that deals in selling of high quality salad and cooking oil ATMs in Kenya:

The following tips are provided to a successful salad oil ATM business in Kenya

✔ Think about who your consumers will be and select sales outlets that they will use. If you want to sell to institutions or other companies, get to know their buyers.
✔ Get to know the market and your competitors.
✔ Remember it is the final consumer not the shopkeeper who decides whether to buy your product.
✔ Target different types of market to spread the risk.
✔ Calculate the amount that you can sell per month and only supply quantities that will sell within the shelf life.
✔ Use promotions to help consumers by your products.
✔ Advertise using media that your customers will see and hear.
✔ Build a business image and keep it. Use the label to display the business logo and pay as much as you can afford for the label.
✔ Aim to please: customer satisfaction is very important for the growth of the business. Make sure that everyone in your business is focused on your customers.
✔ Handle complaints promptly to maintain your reputation.
✔ Keep a close watch on sales and be in regular contact with your key customers.
✔ Don’t compromise on quality.
✔ Protect your brand. Unpredictable quality is a sure way to ruin your business.
✔ Consider having two brands: premium and budget if raw material quality is variable. It is better to have consistent second quality than top quality that is variable.
✔ Attend any local courses in order to improve your business

Where to buy the best Salad ATM Machines in Nairobi

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Our products meet the highest quality standards as required and are delivered within the agreed time frame.

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