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Business premises at an ideal location

Location is one of the most important considerations you need to make if you really want to succeed in business. You need to find the best possible location for your business. Once you find the location then you start looking for a suitable premises you can rent to set up your business.

When deciding the business premises you should go for, consider the following:

Accessibility- the business premises should be very accessible most importantly by your target customers as well as suppliers.

Social amenities– these are important things like

Space– how spacious is the premises? If you just intend to sell cooking oil alone then a very small space of even 1.5 meters by 1.5 meters is just enough. However if you plan to sell other commodities you will definitely need a bigger space.

Affordability- for a small start-up, finances are oftentimes limited. You need money for day to day operations and therefore you might not be in a position to rent a costly premises. You also need to know if your returns will be able to meet the recurring costs like rent, salaries, water electricity etc. if a big chunk of your income will be going to pay rent that might affect other aspects of your business that need money. Always go for a premises that is affordable compared to the return the business gives.

Source of electric power- a cooking oil ATM runs on electric power. You must therefore ensure that your business premises has power connection or you have made arrangements from other sources like solar which is more affordable compared to using a generator. A generator will significantly push up your cost of operations unless you have it for emergencies when there’s no electric power from the national grid.

Business license for a new business- a business operating license is a requirement for any legal business operating in Kenya. If you are starting a new business as opposed to adding a cooking oil ATM to an existing business then you must get one. Visit your local county offices to be issued with one.

Cooking oil ATM- this is the most important equipment you need for your business. Invest in a high quality salad cooking oil ATM from Neema Technologies the market leaders in manufacturing of top quality ATMs. Our ATMs are not only the best quality in the market but also very affordable.

Reliable supplier– if there is one area you need to really get it right is finding a reliable supplier or source of your salad oil stock. Suppliers can make or break your business. To be on the safe side always have a buffer stock to last you for a minimum of 1 week. If you are in a remote place where supply is not as frequent as you would desire make it 2 weeks or a month.

Find the perfect Salad ATM machine

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Where to buy the best Salad Vending Machines in Nairobi

Neema Technologies is a leading manufacturer of best salad vending machines in Kenya.

Our products meet the highest quality standards as required and are delivered within the agreed time frame.

A Cooking OIL ATM

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