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The Cost of Milk ATM machines in Kenya

The market demand for Milk ATMS has gone up in Kenya owing to the many accrued benefits to business operators such as easier monitoring, better product handling and more effective selling giving better convenience to customers. The prices of the milk ATM machines have relatively…...
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Steps on Setting A Milk ATM Business In Kenya

Milk ATM Business In Kenya A new cash-cow in town and it is known as the milk dispenser or milk ATM. It works like a traditional bank ATM with the only difference being that it swallows coins and gives out milk (simply put). With so many upcoming…...
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Benefits of Water Vending Machine

BENEFITS OF WATER VENDING MACHINES It’s cost-effective and economical for both rural and urban areas. The concept of water vending is simple: The customer owns his own bottles and fills them at his convenience. Unlike machines with bottles, a water vending machine doesn't need to be checked often. It doesn't need to…...
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Tips for successful cooking and salad oil ATM business in Kenya

Cooking oil has a high demand and a high added value, which makes it a suitable product for small-scale processing operations. The high added value means that a relatively small amount of oil can be produced to earn a reasonable income. The establishment of a…...
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GUIDELINES TO STARTING AND SUCCEEDING IN MILK ATM BUSINESS IN KENYA- PREPARE FIRST Success in any venture requires preparation. It’s said preparation meets opportunity but I say preparation leads to success. It’s also said failure to plan is planning to fail and that is so…...
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Reasons to Buy an ultrafiltration system

Why acquire a domestic water purifier The need for a water purifier system stems from the critical need to assure water safety for consumers in organizations, businesses and household settings to ease the water purification process for both small and large volumes of water for…...
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benefits of water vending machines

Water vending machines that produce pure water like reverse osmosis water are a smart invention. They are a smart investment from a business point of view as they need little investment and give returns for a long time. Here are some facts and data about the…...
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Where to buy the best milk coolers in Nairobi

Refrigeration is the single most important factor in maintaining the safety of milk. Milk Coolers are engineered to hold milk at temperatures below 40 degrees F which is ideal to protect milk’s quality. The cooler refrigerated milk is kept, the longer it lasts and the…...
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ADVANTAGES OF COOKING OIL ATMs SOLD BY NEEMA TECHNOLOGIES If you are in the market for a high quality cooking oil dispenser you can bet on us to offer you exactly what you would expect. Your quest for knowing Where to Buy Cooking Oil Dispenser…...
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