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Factors to consider when starting a water vending business in Kenya

How lucrative is a water vending business in Kenya? The high demand for clean drink, household and commercial use water presents a opportunity for profitability in the business, What are the requirements of water packaging and vending in Kenya? Business operation license and health and…...
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Commercial Milk ATM Machine

Milk demand and supply in the market are determined by some factors, including fair market prices. Many businessmen in diary sectors are the best way to store and deliver milk constantly for many families of rural and urban states in the whole country. Introducing and…...
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Pure fresh water vending machine in Kenya

The popularity for clean water both for homegrown and business (modern) purposes all over the planet has been a critical driving component for new advancements expected to meet the always expanding water interest. With a quickly developing populace in Africa and irregular provincial metropolitan relocation,…...
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Cooking Oil ATM Business in Kenya

The most recent product vending machine technology in Kenya has provided much-needed convenience for both retailers and consumers dealing in a wide range of types like vegetable cooking oil, purified drinking water, milk, and others. Because of the previously high cost of vending machines in…...
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Best Salad/cooking oil machines in Kenya

The invention of new safer and more convenient technologies in the vendor business sector has attracted profitable gains for businesses dealing in fast moving consumer products such as water, beverages, oil , petroleum products among others. A great addition in the recent years from 2010…...
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High quality Milk ATM machine to boost your sales in Kenya

The liberal Kenyan economy has attracted a fast adoption of technologies geared towards better value delivery for sellers and buyers in the market. A perfect example of new technology that is fast evolving is the highly automated milk vending machines also popularly known as milk…...
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Affordable Water vending machines for sale in Kenya

The high demand for clean water both for domestic and commercial (industrial) purposes around the world has been a key driving factor for new innovations required to meet the ever increasing water demand. With a fast growing population in Africa and sporadic rural urban migration,…...
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[caption id="attachment_831" align="alignleft" width="225"] MILK ATM[/caption] The milk ATM by NEEMA TECHNOLOGIES, is locally manufactured in the country through a well-structured engineering process to ensure maximum output. In the recent years, the automated milk vending machines have become one of the key sources of employment…...
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