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Ways a Purification Water Station Supports a Happy Workplace

Ways a Purification Water Station Supports a Happy Workplace

Although water coolers may no longer be the way of the workplace, a hydration station is a positive substitute because of the ways it promotes employee health and wellness and delivers the hydration needed for long days at work. Businesses that have tried Neema Technologies have reported 76% of their employees drink more water, 77% now use a refillable container, and 54% have both stopped using plastic water bottles and have reduced consumption of other beverages. There are various reasons why this type of advanced office water dispenser is well-received among corporations including how great the water tastes, how simple and convenient it is to use, and how little maintenance is required.

Produces Crisp, Purified Water

The benefit of a purified refill station is having crisp, clean water that people enjoy drinking. Many may think they don’t like the taste of water because they’re used to what comes from the tap, which may have lingering odors or traces of chemicals that affect the taste. As with anything healthy, before the masses join in on the trend, it has to taste good. Water that’s been filtered seven times changes the perspective of those who weren’t water drinkers before. Unique finishes like a coconut carbon filtration help to remove odors and create a fresh, delicious taste to the water.

Benefits Employee Health

Other health benefits like electrolyte enhancement and alkaline filtration also make for only the best-tasting water while giving the body the trace minerals it needs to function at its best. Electrolytes, including magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium, help support the immune system, cell repair, and bone strength. This is one reason why people opt for trendy sports drinks or bottled water, but there’s no need to rely on those when all of this is available in one purified water source. Proper hydration allows people to stay focused and keep up their energy, which is important to endure a busy workday.

Embraces Simplicity and Convenience

Since the hydration station holds nearly any size of water cup or bottle, there’s no need for employees to constantly refill throughout the day to stay hydrated. The tanks always have seven gallons of chilled water ready to be dispensed and refill automatically. There’s no waiting at the water cooler or worrying about if the water will give you what you need to stay healthy. Neema Technologies takes care of it all including installation, filter replacement, and service if needed.

Requires Low to no Maintenance

There’s no need to dedicate a role to escorting the delivery person who brings in the water cooler replacement every time. A certified Neema Technologies technician delivers and installs the system with little to no water cooler maintenance after that. A weekly wipe down of the front panels is generally all that’s needed. With regards to the internal drain system, you’ll never have to empty the drain tray or worry about the build-up of mold.

Promotes Sustainability

Corporations are focused on being more eco-conscious, but employees like to take part directly in initiatives that make them feel like they’re doing something with purpose. It gives them a sense of pride and motivates them to work harder and be more productive. Sustainability is good for the environment and it also speaks to the values of many who are part of the corporate workforce today.

Provides a Better Solution for Company Events

In-office water cooler use isn’t the only way corporations can benefit from a hydration station. They’re ideal for conferences, athletic challenges, or other employee-focused events. Rather than hauling a water cooler or cases of bottled water to the next social gathering, a portable water station can accommodate a large crowd and eliminate trash from single-use bottles or cups.

The Modern-Day Workplace Water Cooler

Just as emails have circumvented the need for faxed memos and digital files have taken the place of hard copies of multi-page documents, so has the arrival of the purification water station. It has caused the water cooler to become outdated for most corporations. There’s not going to be a need for water. It’s the manner in which it’s distributed that has evolved. The good news is that with innovation and technology comes the opportunity to help shape better experiences.

With a water system like Neema Technologies, corporate workplaces can benefit from a greener alternative that is more sanitary and doesn’t take away from employee production. Instead, it contributes to an employee’s outlook on their health and wellness at work by providing a convenient way to stay hydrated. As workplaces continue to evolve, so do their best practices. Successful corporations recognize this head-on and make adjustments as needed to make their employees happy, productive, and proud to be part of the organization.

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