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Programmable Logic Control

Programmable Logic Control

PLC Milk and Oil ATM GSM Control. PLC means Programmable Logic Control. It  performs all the technical functions of either an Oil ATM or a Milk ATM machine. Such includes; Resetting of the machine’s password ,Resetting the prices ,Checking daily and weekly sales and processing the sales as per the customer’s purchase

It makes it easier  for customers to access cooking oil as it sells them pints from as low as 10 shillings. Therefore it is a cheaper option for most people who are unable to afford larger amounts of oil. It uses a GSM connectivity. Hence,  for owners who are miles away, it is easy to monitor the control machine therefore the person operating the machine may not be able to alter with facts and figures about the sales and operations

Features of PLC Milk and Oil ATM includes;

  • It keeps Sales Record
  • It also has a Sales inquiry
  • In addition to that it is Stable
  • To add on that it has an Autocalibration
  • Also it is either Time based or Flowmeter based depending on the owners preference
  • Last but not least is it Interactive
  • Password/Password free

After Sale Services

  • 1 year warranty
  • Installation and usage training
  • Data management.

There are some advantages of programmable logic controller (PLC) given below;

  • It has very faster scan time.
  • It has capable to communication with computer in plant.
  • It has great computational capabilities.
  • It has shorter training time required.
  • A wide range of control application.
  • It Have interfacing for inputs and outputs already inside the controller.
  • It is easily programmed and has an easily understood programming language.
  • It has project cost can be accurately calculated.
  • It has supervisory control capability.
  • It has small physical size.
  • It has flexibility in programming and reprogramming.
  • Troubleshooting is easier and faster.
  • It has high speed counters.
  • It has shorter project implementation time.
  • It has reliability in operation.

Where to buy the best Programmable Logic Control in Nairobi

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