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How To Make Money with Salad Oil ATM Business

How To Make Money with Salad Oil ATM Business In Kenya

Do you want to know How to make money using Salad ATM Machine in Kenya? The secret to success in this business lies in achieving a large volume of sales per day. You therefore should locate your business in an area that is adequately populated.

The more walk-in customers your ATM can attract, the better. But what if finding such a location proves difficult? Well, worry not. You can approach your nearest supermarket or mini-market and negotiate a revenue sharing agreement.

This machine is made basically for dispensing liquid cooking oil. Neema Technologies Salad Oil ATM comes in two types one with an inbuilt tank and another one without a tank. This depends on our customer’s interests .The one with an inbuilt tank can range from a storage capacity of 40-120 to customised capacity in litres.

The cooking oil vending machine has a PLC which performs all the technical functions of the machine which include resetting of the machine’s password ,resetting the prices ,checking daily and weekly sales and processing the sales as per the customer’s purchase.

Good Vegetable Salad Oil ATM Machine Costs

Choose a machine that does not strain your budget and one that has enough capacity to sustain your customers’ demand. You can start small with a smaller litre machine and then graduate to a bigger litre machine as demand rises.

Place the ATM in a conspicuous, convenient location

Some business owners treat their ATM almost like an intruder, choosing to place it off in a corner where it won’t take up too much usable space. Unfortunately, this move also effectively “hides” the machine so your customers either forget it is there or do not realize it’s there to begin with. For customers to use the ATM, they have to see it, preferably right within their pathway. Don’t block traffic with it, but put the machine in a location where it will be highly visible and convenient to use. This strategy alone may be the most important one you use to attract more customers to your ATM. Our team can help you determine the best potential locations for ATM placement.

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