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The fast growing popularity of Salad ATMS in Kenya among small & medium business operators.

The global COVID 19 pandemic has changed consumer shopping patterns around the world. From March, 2020 different shoppers have opted to embrace shopping options that present better convenience and flexibility. Businesses are therefore, necessitated to stay ahead of the curve technologically, to meet this changing dynamics.

The Salad ATM Machine Innovation

The Salad ATM machine is an innovation that allows retailers to sell cooking oil in any specified measurement depending on the amount the customer needs even as low as Ksh 30 the equivalent of a quarter dollar. The machines that have rapidly gaining popularity in Kenya over the last 3years have been used in other parts of the world notably in Asia.

With the focus on healthy living and changes in dietary routines among different Kenyan households, the demand for affordable cooking oil and buying convenience has driven the popularity of the adoption of the Salad Oil ATMs especially in urban centers in large and developing town such as Thika, Nakuru, Eldoret, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nairobi, Machakos among others.
Small and medium business operators have taken up the opportunity to expand their revenue streams by investing in the Salad oil retailing machines from reliable and trusted dealers in the market such as Neema technologies a leading technology firm that offers competitive prices for a variety of the Salad Oil ATMs in Kenya and delivers countrywide.

For the early adopters of the Salad ATMs in Kenya, the lucrative cooking oil retail business has proven worth the investment attracting great returns for small business operators most of whom have installed the Salad ATM in their business premises such as general shop, Kiosk and convenience store and has the salad machine operating alongside other retail products at large.

The pricing of Salad ATM machines has been a great contributing factor that has accelerated the demand for the machines as the cost of acquiring the machine has substantially reduced from what it used to be in the previous years from over Ksh 150,000 in 2017 to the average of Ksh 80,000 and Ksh 100,000 depending on the machine size and specification and the manufacturer. The matter of the appropriate space and maintenance requirement of the Salad ATM has also been queried often but generally, the machines require minimal space and very minimal maintenance needs as well.

Our Kenyan market

In the Kenyan market which often characterized in some cases with inadequate information regarding the pricing of the machines and operationalization, different entrepreneurs have had to do due diligence and research. To ascertain the opportunity and justify the investment it is of course very important to engage with experts in the field that provide all necessary details on the pricing and buying options. Experts at Neema Technologies with over 5 years’ experience have proven reliable in the market offering all required assistance in the purchase decision, delivery and installation of the Salad ATM machines in Kenya.
To make purchase or make enquiries contact Neema Technologies info@neematechnologies.coke or call 0792880966 today.

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