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Best Kerosene retail/ ATM Machines available for sale in Kenya.

Kerosene has been an important household fuel since the mid-19th century. In developing countries, kerosene use for cooking and lighting remains widespread in many Kenyan households also used alongside other fuel sources such as charcoal and gas. Kerosene cooking is widespread in many rural homes in developing countries, especially in urban populations, where biomass needs to be purchased, and electricity and LPG are expensive or unreliable. There are many kerosene stove designs, but they can be broadly categorized into two broad types depending on how the fuel is burned.

With the reliance on Kerosene as a popular fuel , Kerosene pumps are needed in different rural towns and the recent innovations have allowed for the digitization of the Kerosene pumps .In Kenya different dealers such as Neema Technologies have been supplying kerosene ATMs in the country with national delivery, becoming a trusted leading supplier of quality and safe Kerosene ATMs.

The Kerosene ATM machine is made for dispensing kerosene. The machine comes with an inbuilt storage tank 0f 120 liters but can also be modified to use an external tank of a higher storage capacity. The kerosene vending machine has a PLC which performs all the technical functions of the machine which include resetting of the machine’s password, resetting the prices, checking daily and weekly sales and processing the sales as per the customer’s purchase. The machine is also movable and can be transported from one region to another.

The idea of setting up a small kerosene supply shop where you can sell this commodity in small quantities is a plausible opportunity gem that never disappoints. With over 50% of Kenyans directly relying on kerosene for power it turns out that this is a potential launching pad for futuristic entrepreneurs who would like to venture into the lucrative oil distribution business. We discuss what you need to do in order to get started.

Some of the available best deals by Neema include the compact and convenient Refilling System designed for all stationary diesel refilling applications.The Digital Fuel Dispenser comes with Preset Fuel Dispensing and Instant Printable Receipts with a Micro Printer.Also the Mobile kerosene Dispenser is dispensed through the standard 1" x 10m delivery hose winded on the Self-retractable Hose Reel which terminates with a 1” dispensing Auto-Shut nozzle and is stowed neatly on a Nozzle Boot.The  Kerosene/parraffin atm machine. Dispenses kerosene from kshs 10 upwards easily and accurately. Brand new with a nozzle for easy fuel delivery.

The matter of machine safety is also very prioritized with geral regulations being well stipulated on the location and handling of Kerosene by the regulatory authority in Kenya which works closely with national and regional governments in assuring public safety.

The prices of the Kerosene ATMs vary depending on machine size and specification but generally as a rule of thumb, the quality offered at Neema Techonogies and prices are guaranteed to assist the client establish and operate profitable Kerosene retail business in Kenya.

To make enquiries and purchase Kerosene/ paraffin ATM in Kenya, contact or call +254792880966 today.

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