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Why Milk ATMS are gaining fast popularity in Kenya.

The demand and supply for milk in the market is determined by multiple factors including prevailing market prices. With milk being a basic commodity for many households in rural and urban settings across the country, many businessmen in the diary sector have consistently sought better ways of storing and delivering milk. With the introduction and adoption of the new Milk ATM’s technology, the businessmen and milk traders are now assured of better results hence this has been one of the factors driving the popularity of the Milk ATMs for traders.


Being a fast perishable commodity and also often a fast moving shopping item, milk handling necessitates not only great caution to assure the best standards but also calls for improved technology to ensure the consumers get the best quality uncompromised. Usually the big milk processing companies have been in full control of the majority of the market segments delivering packaged milk to institutions such as schools and hospitals. The middlemen and direct retailers often farmers with a weekly capacity of about a 1000 to 2500 litres now stand a better chance of better profitability by adoption of the Milk ATMs which are convenience points for customers to access the milk and buy the quantities they so with without the common limitation caused by the packaging of set quantity and a set price.

The flexibility for customers therefore, has also been a great driving factor that has pushed the popularity of the Milk ATMs especially for mid and large sized households that are the market target for most milk points set up in urban centres and major towns such as Nakuru, Eldoret, Nyeri, Kiambu, Muranga, Kericho, Kisii, Kakamega, Machakos, Kisumu, Nairobi among others.

An interest by local manufacturing, assembling and tech companies such as Neema Technologies Ltd to invest in the manufacturing of the Milk ATMS locally has also largely contributed to the growth in popularity in the milk ATMS in Kenya as the retailers and milk traders now have more options of purchase as opposed to previous years where the buying options were limited to importing the Milk ATMS from mainly China, India & the UK. With local manufacturing the prices of Milk ATMs are now more affordable therefore, raising an interest in entrepreneurs and business man to make the buying and investment decision in milk ATMs and consequently enabling more traders to leap the profits in the lucrative dairy market.

The ease of operation and maintenance of the Milk ATM units is also another great factor that is driving the popularity of these machines in Kenya. Most of the coin operated machines are automated with very simple instructions on buying and a command input for the amount of the milk to purchase, also with local dealers and technicians units to service the machines incase of any hurdles minimizes business disruptions for the Milk ATM business operator who doesn’t need to have any spcial training for them to operate the Milk ATM machine.

All these factors among others have resulted to fast popularity of the milk ATMs and growing interest in the investment in the daily sector for Kenyans, for businessmen , it’s a great opportunity worth venturing in as milk will always often be in great demand in the market.

For more information and to purchase the Milk ATM machine in Kenya, Neema Technologies is a certified milk ATM machines dealer, supplying the machines countrywide to a wide range of clients. To get in touch, contact info@neematechnologies.coke or call 0792 880 966 today.

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