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Improving personal Hygiene & public health with Automatic Hand Washing Machines in Kenya

As simple as it may seem, proper handwashing remains the most effective way of removing germs and harmful bacteria from our hands. This prevents the spread of diseases and keeps your environment safe, fresh, and clean. There are many easy ways to keep the hands clean.

The common methods used in many workplaces include the use of sufficient soap and water or good alcohol-based sanitizers when water is not easily accessible.  Handwashing is also one of the key corner stone of the global COVID 19 pandemic spread in different communities. Automatic Hand washing machines have been in use in different public and private institutions in Kenya and have proven useful and very reliable for instance with the case of employee hygiene in different work institutions.

Automatic hand washing machine is a kind of automatic equipment that can turn off water and turn off water by infrared sensor. People only need to put their hands into the infrared sensor area to wash their hands. Automatic washing machine is based on the principle of infrared reflection, when the hand on hand washing machine induction area, infrared transmitting tube infrared light emitted by hand reflection to the infrared receiver tube through the human body, will process after the signal is sent to the pulse electromagnetic valve to control the water system.

Neema technologies has taken the standard mechanical Hand washing and drying machine and made it a technological engineering wonder of touch-less Hand washing And Drying. The machine comprises a housing having a top portion and a bottom portion.

The use of automatic hand washers removes the variability of human behavior from your hygiene process and effectively guarantee quality employee hygiene by incorporating Neema Technologies fully automated handwashing systems in your facility—clinically proven to remove more than 99.9% of harmful pathogens from hands in 12 seconds using 75% less water than a traditional sink.


Why choose Neema Technologies Automatic Handwash Machines in Kenya

The exclusive Neema Technologies handwashing machines range from compact single use equipment to industrial grade systems for high traffic settings. Multiple enhancement options are available for each lines, including the hand hygiene and controlled access, in order to fit the needs of variety market applications.

With easy use and a non-complicated maintenance needs, the automatic hand wash machines Neem Technology provides do not require tedious and complicated installation processes therefore, the time required after set up to operationalize the machines is minimal hence assuring effectiveness and efficiency in the purpose of improving hygiene and health safety both for homes and commercial use.

The pricing of the Automatic hand washing machines is also affordable and proves positives for results after the cost benefit analysis as the number of hospital visits and sick off days for employees is reduced as a resulted of improved and healthy working environment.

To purchase the automatic hand washing machine and reap the benefits of improved hygiene and better personal and public health, contact Neema Technogies company that supplies quality automatic hand washing stations countrywide for enquiries or to make an order call: +254792880966 or Email: today



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